Corporate Company Structure

Our company is staffed by experienced engineers with many years of experience in the field of our activities.

The processes the processes include on a case-by-case basis collaborations, with companies and institutions, bodies carriers of specialized knowledge and experience of cutting-edge technologies.

The goal and success of our company is the application of engineering principles from the level.

Our company's goal and success are to apply engineering principles from the field level to the application of the most modern field digital integration technologies to the application of the most modern digital integration technologies.

Market Prospects and Trends

 The investment growth of the last years investment, implies needs to cover sectors, during the execution of technical projects by executives with high professional and technological experience. 

The company

CITRO Business Consulting is a consulting company in the field of development projects value-added services in the field of IT and ICT projects.

The range of applications of consulting services objective engineer for new investments and existing facilities covers:

  1. The fields of assessment, guidance, and performance of the quality characteristics of one of study.
  2. Needs analysis and data collection for the needs of the business plan of our customers.
  3. The recording and evaluation of existing IT and ICT infrastructures, for the purpose of drafting proposals for technological upgrading and adaptation to modern requirements energy and operational improvement and convergence towards sustainability rules and sustainable development.
  4. The analysis and synthesis of existing digital transformation proposals infrastructure with the aim of implementing technologies that can contribute, to optimization of operating procedures, in the reduction of emissions and of waste, in strengthening the competitiveness of businesses and in making new one’s available services and products to their customers.
  5. Consultancy services for the design and development of new projects with a view to the digital convergence of IT and ICT infrastructures.
  6. The provision of coordination, monitoring and evaluation services of the procedures project management in IT and ICT subjects.
  7. The monitoring and cooperation with the supervisory body, in IT objects and ICT.
  8. The rationalization and normalization of the technological requirements and demands of foreigner’s investment entities with the application of rules and standards in the Greek environment.